Song Arrangements & Accompaniment by David Troy Francis
Noted pianist, arranger, composer and producer David Troy Francis creates individual vocal arrangements with simple piano accompaniment to full instrumental tracks for all your vocal needs including rehearsal, performance or competition.
Mr. Francis’ successful career includes 8 solo piano CDs, serving as the recording pianist for multiple blockbuster Hollywood films, composing a smash hit musical, arranging talent winning vocal performances at every level and accompanying spectacular vocalists from pop to opera.

For more information, please contact:
David Troy Francis
Here is an example of piano only track:
Till There Was You

Here is an example of a full instrumental track...
Theme from Ice Castles

Creating Specific Accompaniment Tracks:
$25 per song/$40 for two songs/$100 for five songs:

01  Create accompaniment tracks for any piece as written. For example, If you want the accompaniment for O Mio Babbino – I will record the Piano accompaniment and deliver to you digitally.
02  The cost of the sheet music will be added on if you cannot provide it me or if if I do not already own it.

Creating Specific Vocal Arrangements with Tracks:
Fee of $400 covers the following for approximately 5 hours of work:

01  An initial zoom/skype consultation to hear the singer and ascertain their abilities
02  Creating an arrangement for the singer
03  Creating initial piano tracks for the vocalist to use for rehearsal
04  Zoom/skype teaching sessions
05  Final piano tracks incorporating any changes made during teaching sessions

Please note that total time in consultation/teaching sessions will be three hours or less. If the singer desires more time working together, I charge a flat fee of $100 per hour.
If a full recorded instrumental arrangement is desired, that arrangement will be priced depending on the instrumentalists required, studio recording time, etc.
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