The home project:  

to bring uplifting, comforting and entertaining music  
from INSIDE my heart 
OUT to those sheltering at home.  

I will create these musical selections multiple times each week while we
transcend this challenging time together.​​​​​​​

David Troy Francis was born in Memphis, Tennessee and is best known for his steadfast championing and performance of contemporary American music. Now living in Roswell, Georgia, he is an esteemed concert pianist and recording artist as well as a respected composer, arranger and accompanist.  
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LIVE Streaming Concerts:
Finding myself un-tethered from my scheduled professional music responsibilities, I have been searching for a creative outlet to present my piano performance for all who love music. This site is my choice.
Multiple times each week I will be performing a musical selection from a variety of genres from home and posting it on this site.  My goal is to provide a stellar listening experience that will bring you joy, humor, inspiration and comfort.​​​​​​​
If you find my music adds worthy moments to your life and you can afford to do so, please consider making a donation in any amount.  Your generosity will aid this life long pianist to successfully navigate these troubled times.  Thank you.
David with director/husband of 26 years, Mike